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We look forward to a great year!
Rich & Co.

Spring is here:-) 

It is like summer outside in Park City; sunny days, warm temps, T-shirts and shorts:-) 

This week I played the first in a series of concerts for senior citizens. After I saw the movie "Alive Inside" I was inspired to bring live music to older people in nursing homes. In the movie a man takes ipods into nursing homes and plays music for people suffering from alzheimer's and dimentia. The results are incredible. To learn more visit: http://aliveinside.us/  
I contacted my friend and fellow piano player Kirk Garrett and we have set up a series of shows! 

I continue to be busy performing in Orlando, FL, Snowbird, UT, Elko, NV, Moscow, ID, Dallas, TX, and then a cruise in the Carribean over the next month.

See you at the piano!

Lots of love,

Seattle and Back! 

I just returned from 4 rainy days in Seattle. Well, Bainbridge Island to be exact and we had some sun. My son just moved there with some friends and I went up to see how they are doing. They are doing great which makes me happy. I stayed at a B and B, just a short walk to town and the ferry to Seattle. Very peaceful and quite. The boys were just a few blocks away too. I spent a few days on the Island. We had dinner a few nights and I brought them some stuff for the house. I spent and a few days in Seattle visiting friends, playing pool, eating and drinking good stuff:-). It was a great trip:-)

Now I am home in Park City enjoying sun and snow. Working from home and life is good. Working on the computer, my keyboards, my yoga mat:-)


San Francisco - Day 3 

Owen and I walked to Michael's house. He gave us 2 bicycles. We rode through the Presidio and stopped many times along the way to look at the old military installations dating back to the 1890's that line the sea cliffs and to hike down to the water. It was really spectacular with the waves pounding the rocks and the splashes of water that rose high into the air. There are panels with information about the military presence, natural history of the area, bird life, vegetation, and more dotting the paths. The Golden Gate Bridge was a beautiful destination and we took our time crossing it, enjoying the views on the bridge and the vista points on both the south and north ends. After 4 hours on the bikes we headed back to Michael's , returned the bikes, grabbed a bite of Chinese food, and headed back to the hotel to rest, shower, and prepare for the evening. 

We took the bus to The Fillmore area. We had a terrific and unusual Indian dinner at Dosa and went to Yoshi's Jazz Club to hear The Tommy Igoe Big Band. Tommy and I played together for 4 years back in the 80's when I lived in New York City. I haven't spoken to him in 25 years. the show was great, Tommy's band was great, and the guest singer Christine Poland was wonderful. After the show I talked to Tommy and some of the other musicians. We had a good talk about the past, present, and future, and we said goodnight.

Owen and I walked all the way back to our hotel, talking and stopping at a few places along the way

Another great day and night in a great city!

San Francisco - Day 2 

Feb. 17, 2014

TODAY woke up slightly hungover from gin gimlets Michael made late last night. Walked to hotel with Owen and coined the phrase, "Museum of Artificial History." 

Today Owen and I had a muffin and coffee at hotel, rode #38 bus downtown on Geary, switched to "F" streetcar to Fisherman's Wharf, and took ferry to Alcatraz. Blue sky beautiful day on the island. We spent almost 5 hours there! It was spectacular; the boat, the guides, the tour, the sunshine, the birds, the views... Everything! We caught the last ferry back and had dinner at Pier 23 with Michael and family. A great little restaurant on the water with live music:-)They left early and we were joined by a nice family from Fairfax and we talked about traveling to India. Then Owen and I walked around Pier 39 and made our way back to our hotel, in reverse of the way we had gone in the morning. At midnight we watched the movie "Life Of Pi" in our hotel room.

Lots of love RICH

San Francisco - Day 1 

Hi. I am writing to you from my hotel room in San Francisco on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon. Flight in was peaceful. My son Owen and I are here for a 5 day vacation to go hear music, eat food, see sights, and have a great time! We had a nice lunch at a sidewalk cafe, stopped next door at Healthy Harvest for a great local beer. A new flavor from one of my favorite american breweries: Sierra Nevada's Ovila Abbey Quad. I have never had this on before. It is a dark Belgian style ale brewed with plums! It is 10.2% but goes down easy. Beautiful small bottle with cork and unique label. Nice balance:-) Our hotel is perfectly located 3 blocks to Golden Gate Park or 3 blocks The Presidio. Today we will walk to Golden Gate Park and to The Pacific Ocean. RW

Time flies! 

Up way to early today to get on the road. Playing in Gunnison, Colorado tomorrow night. Then home for Valentine's Day. Off to San Francisco next week for a short vacation. Back to The Wynn/The Encore in Las Vegas February 23 and 24. And then it's March already. Wow! Time flies:-) BIG NEWS COMING! Sign UP FOR my newsletter to find out:-) RICH

On the road the last few weeks... 

The last few weeks flew by:-) I played sold out shows to standing ovations in Casper and Gillette, Wyoming and Sturgis, South Dakota, home of the world famous motorcycle rally! Great people out there in the frozen wild wild west! These were all travelling dueling piano shows with my friend Kirk Garrett. The people loved the shows, the songs, and the energy we brought to them. I hope we warmed them up a little. I know we'll be back:-) 

The New Year 


It's now the 2nd week of January 2014 and 2013 already seems like a long time ago. But it is like an old bottle of good wine to me, I savored it and it was delicious:-). I had so many great experiences in 2013 and I am thankful for all my friends and fans (old and new) who have been such a big part of my life:-)

Ending 2013 with many performances, it all seems like a blur! Last week was still busy and getting settled into 2014.

Now I feel like 2014 is here and I AM READY TO ROCK! 

I wish you all the best 2014!

Lots of love,


I flew into Denver yesterday. I had a beer at a bar by our gate. The plane we flew from Denver to Farmington, New Mexico was small prop plane with 18 seats and no toilet. It took 20 minutes to de-ice the plane. By thetime we took off I had to pee. It's an hour and forty minute flight. I knew I was in trouble. I squirmed, fidgeted, crossed and uncrossed my legs, stood up, sat down, deep breathing, etc... My friend Kirk was laughing so hard at me. I finally said, "I'm going to have to pee in my water bottle!" Everyone else on the plane was asleep. So I drank all the water in the bottle, turned to the window, unbuttoned my pants, and peed in my water bottle. I filled it up. I sat down feeling quite content. By the time we landed in New Mexico I had to pee again from the water I'd chugged. I ran to the airport bathroom.

This holiday I am grateful to my family, friends, fans, music, and a bottle to pee in:-)
Happy Holidays!
Lots of love! Rich Wyman 
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The coldest place on earth. 

December 8, 2013

Flew into Billings, Montana Saturday morning. Minus 20 degrees Farhenheit, minus 40 with wind chill. Newspaper said it's coldest place on earth today. Started cleanse Tuesday this week and its' rough. Played corporate party at Little America in Salt Lake City Thursday and was feeling off my game. Starving, freezing, and tired! Landed in Billings noon Saturday, tiny old airport,  looks like old A.B.E. Waited over an hour for shuttle. Ate fruit salad I made at home. Metal sculpture of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming on wall "Beautiful".Old and new photos of airport. Finally van came. Ice all over roads. Fast van driver, all over road. Kirk and I put seat belts on. So cold! Nobody out. Town deserted. Got to hotel, no rooms. After a while Kirk got our rooms.Checked in. A few hours until show. We went to the only place open for lunch, Cracker Barrell. I walked half way there and froze. Kirk, Joe, and van picked me up and drove us there. Kirk commented that Cracker Barrell was a homophobic company. It was our 1st time there. I ate fish, salad, beans, and peas to stay on my cleanse. They put meat in the beans and peas. We walked back to our hotel, freezing. 

Joe set-up. I went to my room. 5:00 sound-check. Then hot-tub, warmed me up. Back to room. Nap. Shower. Dress. Showtime. kind of a sedate audience, plus I'm cleansing. I was drained and had a tough show. Got chinese food delivered at 11:00pm. Ate and slept well. Next morning, egg whites and veggies. Truckers at next table been stranded for 4 days! Flew home. Watched football at airport Dolphins/Steelers. Went to Legends Seahawks/49ers. went to party with Steve in Ogden. Met Ty herndon and Anita Cochran. They did a house concert. Excellent! Drove Steve back to his car in a snowstorm. I'm home:-)
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  • RICH

    RICH Park City, UT

    Hi Fam Marree, Good song suggestions! Sleepin' Bird is one I was thinking of. I want to record songs off any of my albums that were NOT on Live From The Heart I. So I will consider it:-)
    Hi Fam Marree, Good song suggestions! Sleepin' Bird is one I was thinking of. I want to record songs off any of my albums that were NOT on Live From The Heart I. So I will consider it:-)
  • Martijn Marree

    Martijn Marree

    Hi Rich, great you return to the Netherlands in May! We are looking forward to it. You asked for suggestions for the show. We hope you play Sleepin'Bird, The Watersong, Walkaway, the Weird Man's March and of course So What Kind regards, Fam Marree
    Hi Rich,

    great you return to the Netherlands in May! We are looking forward to it.
    You asked for suggestions for the show. We hope you play Sleepin'Bird, The Watersong, Walkaway, the Weird Man's March and of course So What

    Kind regards, Fam Marree









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